Mandatory model

If you haven’t been to PKH before: Every participant at PKH must enter a mandatory model for an internal competition. It’s a very low-key competition, and you can put as much or as little effort into it as you like, this is up to you. Of course, we hope that you’ll try to make your entry as good-looking as possible, because all the modules will be placed next to each other in the event hall, creating a larger “diorama” - and the more effort you put into it, the better the diorama will look!

This year we face off (pun intended) with another wall-hung mandatory model: create a face or a head! It can be a stickman-face or a dragon’s head, a squid-face or whatever else - The face or head you build is only limited by your imagination!

The builds will hang on a wall, like this:

Did we say that your imagination is the only limit? That might not be entirely true. There are some restrictions: 

- Your head or face are to have a base of a 16x16-plate, which will hang on the wall. 

- You can use any combination of plates to achieve this, but they have to be plates with anti-studs on the back. 

- You can not exceed these 16x16 studs with any overhang. Your glorious moustache must be contained!

- Maximum build “height” (when the plate lies flat on a table) is 25 bricks including the bottom plate. 

- The connection point to the wall will be a double sided velcro solution. They are supposed to handle about 1 kg, but to be on the safe side you should probably try to stay a bit below that. 

- There are no limits on colour scheme

- All bricks used must be original LEGO bricks

- You may not glue or modify bricks used in this build 

To ensure build size compliance, we will create a box with inside dimensions of 16x16 studs by 25 bricks, which will be placed onto your build. If your build overhangs and the box cannot be placed over it, you must modify. The Box will look something like this: