På Kloss Hold 2024!


Dates: 26-28 April
Venue: Charlottenlund Idrettspark, Trondheim, Norway - Map
Requirements to attend: member of a rLUG (Brikkelauget, Byggepladen, Kostky, RebelLug, Kockice etc - if you're not member of an rLUG you could join Brikkelauget here.
Registration fee: None! But there will be a small fee for those who decide to participate at the dinner on Sunday.


What is På Kloss Hold (PKH)?

På Kloss Hold is the largest AFOL event in Norway and this year is the 12th time we hold this event!
This year the event is back to it's regular three days duration. We usually have about 100 AFOLs from 12 countries participating. The public can visit the exhibition on Saturday and Sunday, and we are expecting 3-4000 visitors during those two days.

PKH is about showing the diversity of our LEGO hobby to visitors, meeting old and new friends and getting inspired. The non-profit Norwegian rLUG Brikkelauget is the organizer of this event, but it is open for all members of any rLUG worldwide. The money raised by this event goes back to the event and Brikkelauget. We spend money on a gift bag and food for participants, our way of saying "thank you" for bringing your LEGO and helping us make this an amazing event. We also have multiple competitions - best MOC, best exhibition, etc., with some nice LEGO prizes. During the event we also have a few presentations, workshops and interviews with both Norwegian and international presenters and guests. And on Saturday evening there is the AFOL dinner: Food, auction, competition, awards, quiz, fun and laughter. But there is one thing most participants love more than anything about PKH: The other participants, who make the event feel the way it does. It's low key and friendly, so if you walk around and talk to other participants, I am pretty sure you will get some new LEGO friends.

Here are some pictures from PKH 2021, 2022 and 2023!

All photos by Joakim Hamstad

Who can participate?

Any AFOL! The event is aimed at AFOLs, Adult Fans of LEGO. So if you build MOCs (My Own Creation), sets, collect LEGOstuff or whatever, this is the place for you :) Don't be afraid of participating with your own builds, this is a friendly enviroment and everyone builds and participate with whatever they want on the level they are!

Is there a registration fee?

No, as an AFOL you participate for free! 

Food during the event

There will be meals during the event - and they're all free (except cakes in the kiosk, of course ;) )! BUT - please register what meals you will be attending so that we know how much food we need to get. The AFOL-dinner on Saturday will this year be paid on site by each participant. The rest of the meals - dinner on Friday, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday are free. Drinks must be paid by the participants.

What is expected from me as a participant?

First of all; LEGO! We want an exhibition that shows the diversity of our hobby. We want an exhibition of huge and small MOCs, old an new ones, everything is welcome even if you have exhibited it at PKH or another exhibition before! We also would like to show old and new LEGOsets, or modified versions of sets. Or maybe you have other products made by the LEGO Company? Bring them and show them to the public.

How can you contribute during the weekend?

We will hire some help for the setup and during the event, but we still need help from participating AFOLs. There will also be a need for some help during the event to look after parts of the exhibition. So please help out when you're asked to - and if you see something that needs to be fixed or done, feel free to do it :) The most important thing is that you bring a smile and have a good time!