Best exhibition

Deadline: April 12th 23:59

På kloss Hold is an exhibition that wants to show the diversity in the Lego-hobby and in the category "Best display" you can create an display of original sets, Lego-products and models built from instructions.

We want to show things that are produced by Lego, or built with Lego bricks, but thing about how you present it!

- Do you have a collection of rare sets?
- Do you want to show a Castle-set in a layout where you build custom terrain and bridges?
- Have you bought or downloaded instructions online, which someone else has designet and built models from them?
- Do you own old Lego-sets that you think the audience could be interested to see?
- Do you collect Lego office supply, backpacks or wooden toys?
- Do you have a complete line of something, that you can display in an interesting way?

That last bullet point is essential for this category: The better you can present your display, the bigger chance you will have to get a price in this category!

Collaboration between different people to get a better display could also be a good idea.

You can register your display under your profile and the category "Your displays of sets or builds after others design".

This category will be judged during the event by a jury decided by the PKH-commitee.
Disclaimer: We might have to turn some contributions in this category down. An example would be if there are multiple copies of the same Lego-set registered here. For the audience, it only makes sense to have a Lego-set shown once at the event.